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The Exhaust on your vehicle serves many purposes. First is to quiet the noise expelled from the engine created during combustion. Second is to transport the fumes created by the engine to the rear of the vehicle, thus limiting the contact with the driver and passengers of the vehicle. Third is to house the Catalectic convertor which is used to clean the exhaust fumes, making it less harmful to the people in and around the vehicle as well as the environment.

Steering and Chassis

Steering and Chassis of your Vehicle are all of the components needed to steer your vehicle. Steering gears/ Rack and Pinion, Tie rod ends, Ball joints, Control arms and bushings are all components needed to allow your vehicle to move independent of your wheels. This is necessary to allow your front wheels to turn when you want to turn. Or allow the vehicle to move up and down to cushion bumps in the roads. These components also keep everything running straight down the road.


The suspension on your vehicle works in conjunction with your steering and chassis to cushion your ride. Large springs support the weight of the vehicle. Shocks and struts control the movement of the springs and determine the firmness of the ride. Anti sway bars or stabilizer bars increase stability while cornering.

Oil Changes

Engine oil changes are the most important maintenance you can do. All of the vehicle’s oils and fluids have a purpose and all of the oils and fluids break down over time. Engine oil molecules break apart and become contaminated with small amounts of combustion gases. When this happens lubrication of critical internal engine parts is no longer sufficient, causing unnecessary and premature wear. Regular oil changes will allow you to enjoy your vehicle for years. Drive train oils like transmission fluid, transfer case oil and differential oils all wear and time passes. Heat and contaminants or small partials that have worn off over time can all contribute to fluid breakdown. Engine coolant works to keep your engine temperature with specification. This stops your engine from overheating and also stops it from freezing.

Engine Diagnostics

Engine system diagnostics include all aspects of the diagnostic process. We start with reading (scanning) all computer modules and checking technical service bulletins, Then we test the components to make sure the problem is a physical part and not an electrical issue. By following a defined set of steps we can tell you what is actually wrong and not just replace parts. These procedures ensure your vehicle’s performance is as intended, as well as efficiently as possible.

Electrical Diagnostics

Electrical systems are a huge part of your vehicle today. Vehicles employee multiple computer modules that all have their own specific jobs. These computer modules all need to perform the way they were intended as well as communicate with each other. Their purpose is to make your vehicle run as efficiently as possible, while balancing performance and comfort. A broken wire or poor connection can cause a host of problems.


Your Brakes make your vehicle stop moving. There are many different types of braking systems but they all perform the same function, stopping your vehicle from moving. A well maintained braking system can mean you stop fast enough to miss the wildlife that wandered onto the road. Or stopping before you make contact with that car in front of you. Quiet efficient braking in all seasons is as important as safety gets.


Your vehicle contact points to the road. A good reliable set of tires can make your driving experience. The way you drive and the roads you drive on can make a huge difference in what tires are right for you. City commuter or Sports car, Vans or Trucks. Fleet Vehicles or Weekend Cruiser, everyone has different needs and expectations for what they need. Let us help you decide.

Wheel Alignments

The process of aligning all four wheels. The world of geometry plays a role in how your vehicle handles. Your braking, tire wear, and ride. And of course your vehicle’s ability to track straight all depend on your wheel alignment.

Performance products

On the road or off the road we have you covered. Performance upgrades help make your ride reflect you! If you need a little extra power to pull your camper. Or you want to build a truck that can work in places roads don’t exist. Many upgrades are available for most vehicles out there. Let us know how we can help.

Accessory products

Let us help you express yourself! Chrome or colour match products available. Box rails to Running boards. Headlights and taillights, Box covers to overhead storage options. There are many products available to make your vehicle look and work the way you need it to. Give us a call to or stop in for pricing and options available.

Remote Starts

We live in a cold place. Enjoy a little bit of comfort. Remote starts allow you to start your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office without going out in the cold. The extreme cold is hard on your vehicle and you. Allowing your vehicle to warm up for a few minutes prior to diving will greatly increase the lifespan of your engine and drive-train. And give you at least a small relief from the cold.

Custom Wheels

The wheels on your vehicle can really bring your vision together. You can drastically change the look of your vehicle with just this change. A different colour or a larger size. Aluminum or steel winter rims get the right wheel for the right situation. Many options to choose from, give us a call or stop in to see some different options.